Sunday, 25 September 2011

Flippin Women

Well, no crafting done today.  As it is the last day before hubby goes back to work I didn't really feel I could abandon him and head off to the craft room!  Instead I have been updating my family history database with some of the information I managed to get when I was in Ireland as I can do that downstairs using my laptop.

I have had a look through my card photographs and have decided to share one with you that I made a couple of years ago.  It was made using the "Flippin" decoupage.

Ok, hands up everyone who can remember dancing round their handbag like this!!

The backing papers and flower embellishments were from Funky Hand, the ribbon was from my stash and the sentiment was made using a Spellbinders die.  And for once I remembered to photograph the inside of the card:

I haven't made once of these type of cards for a while but I am sure I still have some of the decoupage sheets left.

I really like this backing paper from Funky Hand and have used it for quite a few cards over the years.

Thankyou for visiting my blog.

Catherine x


  1. Love the purples and flowers catherine. i remember dancing round me handbag but it was far too long ago. louise xx

  2. oo forgot and i never ever had a dress like that, wish i could have. louise

  3. No I didn't have a dress like that either Louise, but certainly used to dance around my handbag = you're right it was too long ago! I remember wearing extremely short dresses that I wouldn't dare wear now!!!

    Catherine x