Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Card using a dreamweaver stencil

Hello everyone,

Well, another day gone and no cardmaking done.  My printer problem isn't solved yet and as my house looks like it has been ransacked by burglars I really did think I ought to make some attempt at cleaning and tidying.  Not my favourite pastime I have to say!!  Though I did make a surprise find yesterday when sorting through a pile of paper in the small bedroom which houses my pc - caught up in the middle of it all was a brand new, quite small, Popcorn the Bear stamp.  I have absolutely no idea where I got it from and have no recollection of it, so can only assume it was a freebie from somewhere, though I am surprised I have no recollection of having seen it before.

Last night I started to sort through some of the photographs on my laptop to tidy them up a bit because I can never find what I want and in some of the folders I found odd photographs of cards I had made, going back quite a while.  They were obviously downloaded at the same time as the other photos and I had forgotten to move them to the appropriate place and so they remained "lost" until last night.  So in the absence of any new cards I thought I might just share a couple of the photos I found last night.

The first card was made using a Dreamweaver stencil.  I placed it onto double sided sticky paper and applied gilding flakes.  I then removed the stencil and applied black glitter, including around the edges.
I wasn't sure how to use it on a card as the image itself was so striking so I mounted it onto a slightly larger mat of copper coloured embossed mirror card and then used a dark green card base, added black glitter paper to the top half and a gold border peeloff across the middle.

My second card this evening was made using a topper from one of Joanna Sheen's cds (can't actually remember which one but it may have been the Jane Nettley Mayhew one).  I wanted to make the card in black and white so changed the colour of the topper accordingly and added the text.  I then mounted it onto black and white mats.  The base card is made from black tapestry card, also from Joanna Sheen, although I don't think this is available on her website any more.  I made the border using a piece of white card which I cut with a fancy blade in my rotary cutter and a piece of black "happy birthday" ribbon from Ribbonbox.

Both of this evenings cards were made for male recipients - I always find it difficult to make a nice card for a man, especially if they are not "into" sport because most male cards are sport orientated.

Thank you for stopping by.

Catherine x


  1. Hi catherine two fab cards but my fave is the stencil one. very striking effect. Louise xx

  2. Thanks Louise - that's my favourite too.

    Catherine x