Family History

11 February 2011

Pages 6 and 7

The next two pages are in a different format as they are more detailed and not trying to cover multiple generations of multiple branches.  They will be much clearer to read and understand.

page 6

page 7

And that is just the first six children!  This is how the pages look when they are facing each other

All of these pages are still in draft form and need to be tweaked and refined before they are finished.


8 February 2011

 Davison Family History Photo Book

I have started to put together a "potted" history for family members - when I say "potted" I really do mean just that.  There is so much information and such large families in our history that it would be impossible to include all of it.  I was requested to provide something about our family history for our Davison Family Party that will be taking place in April and after a lot of thought I decided that this was probably the best way to do it.  This will be the first occasion for many, many years that so many of us will have been gathered together in one place - and for some of us it will be a first introduction to the family they have joined!

This book, therefore, concentrates on the "Davisons of Theodosia Street", which also includes the Laidlaw family as my "Grandma Davison" was a Laidlaw by birth.

At this point I have only prepared the first five pages, which I will post below.  Pages 2 and 3 will be facing each other, as will pages 4 and 5.

Page 1 

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

And this is as far as I have got to date!

Catherine x

9 February 2012

I have made some amendments to the way the tree is presented in the hopes that this will make it easier to follow.  I have added coloured arrows in order to make it easier to follow the family lines.  I have also managed to stitch together pages 2 and 3, and pages 4 and 5 as they need to be viewed as a whole.

Pages 2 and 3 (Click on photographs to enlarge them)

Pages 4 and 5


Rememberance November 2011

Lance Corporal Colin Davison R.M.  1982 age 21

Rifleman William Hassan, Royal Irish Rifles. 1915 age 26

Able Seaman Daniel Mulligan R.N. 1916 age 23

Captain Henry Hassan, Mercantile Marine. 1917 age 45