Friday, 13 April 2012

Family History Book made with Serif Craft Artist Part 2

Hello everyone

This post is a continuation from yesterday of my family history book, done on Craft Artist.  My grandparents had eight children, so I will show you page 13 which shows the first two of their children (but I have removed vital information as it relates to living people).  Pages 14 and 15 detailing the next six of their children are in exactly the same format.

As you can see, it is done in a similar format to pages 6 and 7 but I have used a different background (I think this was from one of my craft cds) and made different mats using the stencil facility for my family groups.

Page 16 is one of my favourite pages in the whole book.

This shows my father, his siblings and his mother during World War II.  I made the background using old scanned documents and army photographs of my father, reducing the opacity.  I then overlaid the whole page with a Union flag from one of Daisytrail's free digikits - British Street Party - and again reduced the opacity.  I exported the page as an image and then brought it back in and made it into a background so that it would snap into place.  I found the Second World War medal on the internet and cut it out using the Cutout Studio.

And of course no family history book worth it's salt would be without wedding photographs so pages 17 and 18 show the weddings of my parents and my aunts and uncles.

Again I made the background and used photo frames from digikits.  I can't remember whether the roses were in a digikit or whether they were ones I cut out of a photograph myself using the Cutout studio.

To end this section of the book I inserted a page showing group photographs of my father and his siblings taken at various times over the years and I couldn't resist adding the white rabbit from the My Craft Studio "A Very Important Date".

I think this background was made from backing paper in one of my craft cds but I really can't remember at this stage.  The photo frames were from a Daisytrail digikit.

Which brings me to my generation and another different style of page.  Pages 20 and 21 were both done in this way but as they relate to living persons I have removed vital information and just left the year the photos were taken.  I will show you page 20.

I made the background of this page using a Funky Hand backing paper and I used the stencil facility to make the mats and shape the photographs to fit.  I also made the tags, but the ribbons and flowers were Daisytrail embellishments.

The white rabbit makes another appearance in page 22

I think this background came from a digikit and I simply layered up a selection of photographs from the childhood of me and my cousins with more recent photographs of us together.

And finally for today's post is page 23, entitled "The Cousins' Kids".

This is another of my favourite pages in the whole book.  The background is made using photographs of the cousins' kids when they were very small and which I changed into black and white and then reduced the opacity.  Again I did the export as image trick before adding the more recent photographs.  This time I decided I would hang them all!  The rope was from the brushes tab in Craft Artist.

I tried to make pages in as many different styles as possible in order to keep interest so I hope you will think that I succeeded in that.  Tomorrow I will post the final pages I want to share with you.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Catherine x


  1. WOW WOW WOW its fabulous Catherine, I am still trying to get my head around serif. Well done. Chris xx

  2. What another fabulous showcase of family history Catherine. I love your layouts and thank you so much for sharing.

    Linda xxx

  3. Stunning Catherine. I have so many half finished really are an inspiration.

  4. Oh my goodness, Catherine, the layouts are fantastic, a true labour of love, and so worth it x

  5. Amazing work, Catherine. A lot of love has clearly gone into these pages!

  6. Catherine that is Fantastic. As another Family tree lover I can appreciate all the hard work that has gone into it as well. It has made me think about doing mine online. Much better than looking at it on Ancestry...Thanks for sharing.xx

  7. Once again, thank you ladies for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate each and every one of them.

    Catherine x