Sunday, 22 April 2012

Just for fun.

Hello everyone

So, when is a heart not a heart?  When it's a mutant penguin of course!  I was playing around with shapes in CAP and drew a heart using the shapes function.  I challenged myself to turn it into something else without using any other shapes and some time later, after a lot of copying, pasting, manipulating and even cutting with the scissors tool I ended up with this

Poplular opinion seems to be that this is a mutant penguin.  So then I played a bit more, this time using a circle too and ended up with

So this is obviously the good guy penguin!

And finally I played around a bit more with mutant penguin, added some bits from a digikit and got this

But he needs a caption to finish it off - any suggestions?  (but only polite ones mind!)

And now I think I should try and get back to doing some real crafting - but it is fun to have a play.

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Thank you for dropping by.

Catherine x


  1. He could be treading on thin ice!
    Its great!


  2. Oh gosh Catherine, these are just fab! Loving the penguin very much!!

    Linda xxx

  3. They make me smile... I think you are surprising yourself by what you are achieving.. now think you have to combine and make a comic book style card
    Just a thought...
    Fran x

  4. Thank you for sharing This made me smile ......Have fun playing. xx

  5. Thank you ladies - it's nice not to be too serious about what we crafters do sometimes. Thank you for joining in the fun!

    Catherine x

  6. These are really fantastic hun, love them
    Lindsay xx

  7. These are so cute and great fun

    Joan x

  8. Thank you Sylvia, LIndsay and Joan - doesn't do to be too serious all the time!

    Catherine x

  9. Great images, love how you've played around with them xx

  10. Great fun character, Catherine. As you say, it's good to play at times. Funky Christmas cards, maybe? Ouch, did I really use the"C" word in April? Lol!
    Crafty hugs, Sheenagh x