Thursday, 25 October 2012


Afternoon everyone

This morning I spotted a very unusaal sight in my garden - a woodpecker at the bird feeder.  Now I have lived here for twenty years and never ever seen a woodpecker in the garden before so I ran and got my camera to try and get the evidence!  I took three shots through the (pretty murky) patio window and then tried to carefully open the door - but of course off he flew as soon as I did.  So the three shots I did get weren't the best - he was about 40 feet away at the other end of the garden.  But the sighting inspired me to make a card with a woodpecker on it and luckily I had a royalty free image of one on my laptop.

So here it is

It would have been lovely to make one using my own photograph so I will just have to keep an eye out and hopefully my little visitor will return again.  I must say though that he wasn't quite as colourful as this one is.

Here's one of my photographs from this morning, well cropped!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Catherine x

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