Saturday, 27 October 2012

Clock card

Morning everyone

Yesterday was hubby's birthday (he's my toyboy actually - 3 weeks younger than me), and as always I struggled to come up with a birthday card idea for him.  He's not into the stereo-typical male things like sport, cars, bikes, computers etc so I have the same problem every year.  What he does like though is old clocks (amongst other things) so finally decided to make him a clock themed birthday card.

Here it is

Tom would love to have a grandfather clock, but in the absence of enought space in the house he has had to content himself with a couple of old wall clocks, so I started by taking photographs of both of them.

I took the photographs into Craft Artist, cut out the clocks themselves and then changed them into drawing and added different effects until they looked the way I wanted them to.  Next I used one of the clocks with a couple of items from Daisytrail Steampunk digikits to make a background paper.  I used the second clock for the main image and added a couple of embellishments, also from the Steampunk digikits.  When I made up the card I added  both the clock and the sentiment as separate raised toppers.

So Tom got a very personal birthday card.

Here are the original photographs:

 Thankyou for calling in.

Catheirne x

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  1. Fabulous card how clever to take them into craft artist it looks really effective. I bet he loved it. Caroline xxx