Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Finished Card "Sorry Shanna"

Well today was another wet day here and Paddy and I managed to escape the rain on our morning walkies.  Unfortunately we copped it on our afternoon expedition and had to shelter under a conveniently placed tree - twice!  Of course Pads found the smells outside the shelter of the tree far more interesting than those around the tree so he still got soaked!

Today I made my  first card using a cute image I had coloured myself with Promarkers - there is a first time for everything.  I still think I need a lot more practise though but felt my efforts were reasonable enough to warrant a card to celebrate!

The little flower on the top right is actually a crocheted brooch - a freebie from Craft North East (http://www.craftnortheast.co.uk ) - but I have stitched it to a piece of card and then stuck the card down so the brooch can be removed if desired.

I haven't actually done anything inside this card as yet because I always personalise my card inserts and at the moment I don't have a home in mind for it!!  Must try and remember to take a piccie of the inside when I do it.

That's it for this evening.  Thank you for following my blog.

Catherine xx


  1. you have done a beautiful job in the colouring it's delightful well done
    hugs linda xxx

  2. Thank you Linda - I sweated blood over the colours in the dress! But I will get there and it's reassuring to know that I must be doing something right! xx

  3. Gorgeous Card Catherine!!! I love the colours you've used for this card. :) X X

  4. Thank you Lynn. I found the purples quite difficult to blend, but there again it was my first attempt at colouring with Promarkers.