Friday, 19 August 2011

Colouring in red and monochrome revisited

Another busy day today.  We decided to take Paddy with us when we went out in the car this morning.  He doesn't like going in the car at all so we thought it was about time he had more practise at it.  He didn't do too badly and sat in the back with me - bribing him with doggies treats to sit still.  He still wasn't comfortable with it though and couldn't wait to get out again.  He'll get used to it in time I hope.

I did manage to do a little colouring practise today.  I have heard that red is a difficult colour to use so decided to find out for myself.  Here is my first go at red.

"Proper" Christmas colours according to my hubby!

I decided to continue with my monochrome colouring too.  Here is a picture of how I left it a few days ago

I added some darker shading to this one and here is the result

Then I started again. deciding that this time the top should be darker.  Here it is

I just can't decide which one of them looks the best.  Any comments or tips would be welcome as always.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Catherine xx


  1. oh they are all beautiful great colouring in
    hugs linda xxx

  2. Thank you Linda. Your feedback is much appreciated.