Friday, 14 October 2011

Fresh as a Daisy!

Evening everyone

Well I didn't get to post anything yesterday - I did manage to have a good tidy-up in my craft room though - even washed the windows (well it does help if you can actually see what you are doing!)  And finally the cd that was stuck inside my laptop was surgically removed (it was a crafty cd of course) so I finally got to load my Tatty Teddy cd and then got sidetracked looking through it.  So today I have been in my craft room printing and cutting but haven't actually completed a card - I do have an assortment of toppers waiting to be turned into something beautiful though.

So the card I am going to share with you this evening is a card I made for a second cousin (in law) for her birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Although I haven't actually managed to learn the art of paint fusion yet, I do have some of the rubber stamps.  As I am particularly fond of daisies I decided that I was going to use the daisy stamp in as many different ways as I could think of.  I decided that this card was going to be very simple and clean.  Here it is

Apologies for the crooked photograph - I was in a great hurry to get it off in the post before we went away on holiday and almost forgot to photograph it at all!

So, the base card is 190mmx190mm.  I stamped the daisy onto acetate and then adhered it to double sided sticky paper.  I cut each bit of the daisy away from the backing paper in turn adding gold glitter in the centre and gilding flakes to the petals and the rest of the square in two different colours. I then cut a square aperture in the centre of the card and stuck the daisy into the aperture from the back.  I cut a square of Centura Pearl paper and cut a square aperture in the centre of this so that when I applied it to the front of the card there was a border between it and the square with the daisy.  I embossed the Centura Pearl paper before adding it to the front of the card.  Finally I stamped the Happy Birthday sentiment using a Barbara Gray Clarity Stamp to frame the daisy.  (Lining up rubber stamps perfectly is not my strong point, no matter how often I practise.  I console myself by thinking about Persian carpets - every carpet made has a deliberate mistake/imperfection woven into it because "only God is perfect"!)

I probably won't get to make any cards again tomorrow as I am going to a workshop at Craft North East tomorrow afternoon.  So I may, or may not, post what I have been doing when I get home (depending on how good or bad the result is!)

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Catherine x


  1. It's another lovely card Catherine.

    Jackie x

  2. that is so pretty
    hugs linda xxx

  3. Thankyou Jacki and Linda.

    Catherine x

  4. Great work, it's beautiful! Thanks for the detailed description of how you made it!
    Well done!
    dawn xx