Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Art of the Cupcake

Good evening everyone.

Well just as I predicted yesterday, I don't have a new card for you today.  However, I spent the afternoon at Craft North East doing a workshop called The Art of the Cupcake, and, I have to say, I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.  So I thought I would post what I did here for you all to see!

The workshop began with Carole, the resident Craft North East artist, showing us how to draw a cupcake.  And then we were given a worksheet and a pencil and told to choose a cupcake to draw.  The cupcakes were provided by Jeannie and were all beautifully decorated (Craft North East do workshops on cupcake decorating too!)  I was going to post a piccie of the cupcake I chose but I brought it home with me and unfortunately the beautifully swirled butter cream topping was rather squished when I took it out of my bag so probably best not to show it after all!  But check out the Craft North East website or their Facebook page to see lovely pictures of cupcakes. 
Anyway, here is my first attempt at drawing a cupcake

Carole then chose a second cupcake for me to draw

We also had a worksheet with example on so here are my attempts at an apple and a box from the worksheet

Next we got to try out some watercolouring - don't think this is my strong point somehow!  No drawing allowed, purely watercolour paint direct onto the paper

I think it would be fair to say that I definitely need a lot more practise!

Finally we took our piece of watercolour paper and created our masterpieces - our own cupcake.  This time I did sketch the outline first, but decided to design my own cupcake - a nice simple one!  With a foil case, a cherry on the top and some nice lemon butter cream topping.  So, the moment you have all been waiting for:

Possibly not the most exciting cupcake in the world, but mine, all mine!!!

I really did enjoy the afternoon and am very glad I went to the workshop.  If you like cupcakes and live in the north east then do check out the website or Facebook page.  There are a wide variety of workshops even covering such subjects as a chocolate workshop, making your own skincare products, beading for beginners, knitting, the 12 crafts of Christmas and even one on starting up your own crafting business.

With many thanks to Carole and Jeannie.

Thank you for dropping in.

Catherine x


  1. Your sketches are amazingly good, and the final cupcake is sooooo pretty... you should be really proud of yourself!

  2. Thank you Jeannie - I still think the watercoloured box looks like an armchair though!!

    Catherine x

  3. oooh i like your sketches Catherine.... i must confess i cannot draw for toffee! but tap yourself on the back here ..well done you!:)...x

  4. Thank you Nelly. I must admit the sketches turned out much better than I ever dreamt they would! But as for the watercolouring, well, lots and lots and lots of practise needed here!

    Catherine x