Monday, 24 October 2011

Flippin Cards

Good evening everyone.,

Didn't manage any posts over the weekend but as I was awarded "Blog of the Week" by Crafty Bloggers Network this morning I thought I had better post something today.  Unfortunately I can't post the cards I was working on today as yet so I have decided to show you some cards I made a while ago.

On Saturday my friend and I went to the Purely Papercrafts fair at Gateshead Inernational Stadium, -  and spent a fortune I might add!  Anyway, one of the things I bought was the new cd from La Pashe "The Big One - the Greatest Hits of La Pashe".  This cd contains all their well-known products - the Flippin series, Framin series, Trinitage, Remember When etc.  Over time I have made quite a few cards using these La Pashe products but unfortunately I don't have many photographs of them (I regularly forget to take photographs of my cards.)  So having rummaged around my laptop I found some Flippin cards I had made and thought I would share them with you this evening, in celebration of their new cd, so to speak!

The backing papers I used for both the front and the inside of this card were from one of my crafting cds - I am pretty sure this one was from Joanna Sheen's "Messy Rabbit" cd.  The decoupage at that time didn't come with backing papers.

I can't remember where I got these backing papers from, but probably a Joanna Sheen cd!

The backing papers for this one came from Joanna Sheen's "Cardmaker's Year".  This was the very first Flippin card I made.

Again, I can't remember where I got this backing paper from, but I added the golf ball and the tees myself as embellishments.  I don't seem to have a photo of the inside of this one.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at the Flippin cards!

Thank you for dropping in.

Catherine x


  1. Hello Catherine, what great cards and what a super blog. x

  2. Congratulations on winning 'Blog of the week'.
    I love the flippin cards, a friend of mine made one for me with a crafter for my birthday earlier this year.

    Jackie x

  3. great cards catherine, very different again , you seem to be able to loads of different styles. mine i feel sometimes become a bit samey. louise xx love them

  4. Thank you Sheen, Jackie and Louise. I still have the original of that one Jackie - never did make it up. I like to try different things Louise and I really like decoupage.

    Catherine x

  5. fab cards and congratulations on blog win
    hugs linda xxx