Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Another photo card

Evening everyone

Well, this morning I headed off into town on my own - the first time I have gone out unaccompanied since 5 December.  I was extremely careful when getting on and off the bus, going up or down stairs and walking on tiled floors because I knew that if I tripped, slipped or stumbled I would automatically put out my right hand to save myself - ouch!  And I am happy to say that I managed it there and back without anything untoward happening.  But the best bit was that I got my hair cut (long overdue) and having the hairdresser wash my hair was pure luxury after being subjected to Tom's ministrations for the last two months!  I mean girls, would you like it if someone wrung out your hair like they were wringing out a mop?  No, don't think so!  Anyway, as I had to hang around in town for a few hours because I hadn't made an appointment, I haven't actually made a card today.  So instead I thought I would share a card I made at the weekend.  It's another rose card made with one of my own photographs.

I had already played around with the photo in  Painter Essentials 4 so took it into Craft Artist and made the topper.   Once I had done that I simply layered it up onto some peach coloured pearl card and some copper coloured foil card.  Very simple and straightforward.

Here is the original photograph

Again this rose was in a boquet of flowers, although I do have photos of roses which we grew ourselves, mainly pink and white ones, which I will use on cards eventually.  The roses in boquets always look perfect though - untouched by the elements!

Tomorrow I go for my first physiotherapy appointment so whether or not I will be able to craft after that remains to be seen.  I will try and get something done before I go, just to be on the safe side!

Thank you for dropping in.

Catherine x


  1. Beautiful! Great photo too! Well done you!
    Dawn xx

  2. Fabulous card Catherine the rose is beautiful such a lovely colour, my roses come from bouquets too :O).. Chris xx

  3. Gorgeous, Catherine peach roses are my favourite, such a shame they don't last long when they are in a bouquet.

    Jackie x

  4. what a talented lady you are Catherine, gorgeous card x

  5. Beautiful card love your photo,
    Hugs Rachael xx

  6. i love roses but that is an amazing col love ti hun xx

  7. Thank you ladies - there is something very satisfying about being able to use my photographs for something practical and to know that other people think they are good enough to be used in that way.

    Catherine x